BOINC (finally) got style…

BOINC undoubtedly had style since its early days. But rather in a scientific, maybe even inspiring way than in a visual way. Now check out this official new and – best of all – cool logo by Michal Krakowiak:

New BOINC Logo

It happened only recently that projects like QMC@Home or entire BOINC-based frameworks such as Gridrepublic came up with stylish versions of the standard BOINC UI. Now, even the official site became kind of neat with a conservative but yet unobtrusively stylish look.
Also the useless but skinnable simple GUI variation available since BOINC v5.8 improves BOINC’s sweetness. And as a big fan of Trac I almost gave a party when BOINC development switched to use it as new platform for configuration and version management. Those guys even skinned it in a custom way! (which is remarkable… 😛 )

What I meant to say: functionality is crucial for a distributed computing application such as BOINC. But guys: if you want to make BOINC mainstream you simply have to make it look cool and make it work as it does.
BOINC lives and dies with its users. In times of fancy-looking Mac OS X and Vista you cannot afford losing users because of websites in late-90ies Frontpage-style and GUIs making you think you’re back in Win 3.1.

So folks in Berkely, even though this whole post sounds a little superficial (it’s meant to be 😉 ): get it on and get us some cute stuff.
(Ever thought of Ajaxification of the BOINC server software…)

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