BOINCpe is spreading… :)

Hi there,

just wanted to give you short notice of how impressed I am about BOINCpe spreading in the BOINC community even though this is the prototype of a niche product.
BOINCpe made it to the blog of Rom Walton (a lead developer of the BOINC client at Berkeley). There are about a dozen threads in the largest BOINC forums on BOINCpe (simply stress Google). Then, BOINCpe made it to the official BOINC news. And finally, someone (not me – I swear ;)) even put a link to the German Wikipedia article on BartPE.

That’s awesome! I really wasn’t expecting any of this. Just keep giving feedback, please. Thanks guys… ­čÖé

Anyway, I will provide a version with the new BOINC client v5.8.15 in the next days.

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