BPMN 1.1 – What’s changed?

February 2008: The OMG releases version 1.1 of the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN). Almost nobody really took notice of it, though. There wasn’t even a news entry on one of the relevant news tickers – not even on the news of OMG itself!

Anyway, despite the bad marketing the BPMN community seems to have noticed the finalization of this revision of BPMN by now.

But seriously, what’s this new version all about? An official changelog is nowhere to be found. So, who is keen on screening a 318 pp. specification for differences to the old version? We did it for you and compiled it into a compacted whitepaper summarizing the delta between the new and the old version.

BPMN 1.1 Delta Whitepaper

Please feel free to leave a comment if you would like to add your thoughts about the new version and/or the whitepaper.

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