How to rename Photos to EXIF Timestamp the easy(!) way

Here is the easy way to auto-rename your JPG filenames of entire folders or single files directly from Windows Explorer (see Screenshot on the right).

  1. Download the ExifTool by Phil Harvey (Windows Executable)
  2. Unpack the file „exiftool(-k).exe“ somewhere (e.g. to „C:\“)
  3. Rename the file „exiftool(-k).exe“ to „exiftool.exe“
  4. Open „Start“ > „Run“ and type „shell:sendto“
  5. Create a new Shortcut via right click: „New“ > „Shortcut“
  6. Select the „exiftool.exe“ in the correct folder
  7. Change the path to look exactly like this (except for the folder of course)
    C:\exiftool.exe -d %Y_%m_%d_%H_%M_%S%%-c-%%f.%%e "-filename<CreateDate"
  8. Give the Shortcut a name (e.g. „Rename to EXIF-Date“)
  9. You can now select JPG files or entire folders in the Explorer and rename them automatically via right click: „Send To“ > „Rename to EXIF-Date“

Simple, isn’t it?

P.S.: If you want to change the format of your output date format, here is the reference for the parameters:

15 Gedanken zu “How to rename Photos to EXIF Timestamp the easy(!) way

  1. Georg

    For this purpose, I use the image viewer XnView, which is free for private use. Simply select the desired images in the browser, press F2 and enter e.g. <Date Taken [Ymd HMS]> <Filename>

  2. dylan gonzalez

    I was doing it in same manner as Georg explained here but with another image viewer but it seems that your way is more efficient and easy to rename all files in a folder liked it so much and will try it soon.

  3. wyatt cooper

    I am a designer and need to manage JPG images regularly. This tool will now help me complete my tasks faster.

    Thanks for sharing this information.

  4. Weitere Tipps

    This is awesome; thank you! I have been snapping pics since my now-fiance bought me a digital camera our first Christmas together in 2001 and though I tried to keep up with naming/dating, at some point I fell behind.


    When i has been executing it within same approach while Georg described below nevertheless with a different image person nevertheless any difficulty . the right path can be better along with an easy task to rename almost all documents in a very folder loved this a great deal and can try it out rapidly.

  6. Kaloyan Karavanov

    In my case this recursive metod where create .\[YYYYMMDD]\[*.*] is more helpfull:

    „C:\Program Files (x86)\exiftool-9.90\exiftool.exe“ -r -d %Y%m%d/%%c%%f.%%e „-filenameRun->shell:sendto->Properties [yourfile.lnk])

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