Trillian Astra Beta – Now with Skype support

They’ve eventually done it!

Honestly, I was not that sure if some blog post like the one I wrote in last year’s December would have any impact on the Studios’ roadmap planning at all. But with Trillian Astra Beta build 88, Cerulean Studios announced Skype support.

Obviously the guys have been re-evaluating their former strategy of ignoring Skype despite being one of the major IM networks in the world. I really think the new way of considering Skype-support as a major feature is the right one.

Trillian Astra Beta Skype Plugin (Preferences screen)

Trillian Astra Beta Skype Plugin (Preferences screen)

Therefore, I also resumed my temporarily suspended activities in Trillian Astra Alpha/Beta testing. I’m back to active ticket writing – with special focus on the Skype plugin of course. The plugin is not yet perfect, so I’m doing my best to help squashing some of the remaining bugs (e.g. #7146, #7234).

It should be noted, that Trillian won’t obsolete the official Skype client. That is, Skype must be running in background for Trillian to work with Skype. This is due to the closed Skype protocol and the usage of Skype API, which rather works as a remote control to the original Skype application.
The circumstance of still having Skype is perfectly fine for me. I pretty much don’t care what is running in the background as long as it stays there. My purpose is to have one single IM front end and this is achieved very well with the new Skype plugin by the Studios… 😉

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One thought on “Trillian Astra Beta – Now with Skype support

  1. Brian

    All my sent and received skype messages appear in skype window as well as in trillian. Everything is getting doubled up. I see two open windows flashing blue when a new message arrives. Is there a way to get skype to function silently while Astra is running? I guess I could go into skype and turn off all message notification, but then if I ever want to use skype itself, it will be nurfed.

    Any ideas?


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